• Welcome to the 3rd Grade Team Page! 


    Third grade is an exciting year at Lincoln Elementary School! We are working really hard to learn lots of new things, preparing to take the NJSLA Test and are getting ready to head to 4th grade! In third grade we are working to think critically, respond to text on a deeper level and problem solve in all units of study!  

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    Current Units of Study

    Reading:Students will be diving deeper into the standards we have learned this year, using text evidence to identify the theme and moral in a story.  Students will also use what they have learned about character traits to analyze the evolution of a main character.  

    Novel:  “My Name is Maria Isabel”

    Social Studies: In MP3 of 3rd grade students will use texts about Latinx Countries on NewsELA to conduct research about one Latin America Country.  They will create a multi-media slide presentation about one Latin American or Central American country. 

    Writing: In MP3 of 3rd grade our writing instruction will be centered around constructing a Narrative Piece. Students will organize their ideas by use of a graphic organizer, or timeline. They will also include strong introductions, endings and added details into their writing. 

    Mathematics:Math- In MP3 of 3rd grade students will  learn about  area, perimeter and moving into fractions.

    Science: During MP3 students will learn about adaptation and how different organisms have traits that enable them to adapt to their habitat. 

    What can you do at home to help your child? 

    • Make sure they arrive at school on time (8:50)
    • Try to make your home as distraction free as possible 
    • Make sure they read 20 minutes every night
    • Make sure they are practicing their math facts - make a fun game out of working with flashcards!
    • Make sure their computer is charged and ready to go for their classes
    • If you have any questions at all please reach out to your teachers!

    Important Websites and Resources 


    Raz-Kids is a great place to practice all of your best reading skills in just right books! Students can listen to, read at their own pace and even record themselves reading! Remember to take the eQuiz when you are done to practice your great thinking skills! Log in with your user password and begin!


    This is a great website to practice letters, letter sounds, sounding out words, and reading. Great tool to help increase your child’s reading fluency. 


    Great site that can be used for practicing math skills! Can be used to practice skills that we are currently working on and skills that we have already learned. 

    Khan Academy

    Another great tool for math skills! Khan Academy allows your child’s teachers to assign practice problems and videos that can help reteach a skill.