• July 2, 2018

    Summer has arrived, bringing us bright sunshine, warm temperatures, and more opportunities to relax and recharge. During July and August, some of us will continue working, while others will have a bit of down time.

    Similarly, some of our students will participate in summer school programs and summer camps, while others will enjoy a 10-week break from school. Overall, our students experienced a terrific year of education. They learned new concepts, solved complex challenges, and became more engaged in their own instruction, their environment, and the world. We applaud them for their efforts.
    Certainly, whenever our students make significant progress, there are many individuals and groups we should thank. One is the entire district staff, which works daily to make effective learning environments in our schools. We also must thank the families of our students, who so diligently help with studying and homework, and ensuring their children arrive to school on time. Without consistent, committed support from the home, our schools cannot achieve their mission.
    It’s also appropriate to express our sincere appreciation to the New Brunswick community as a whole, from the office of Mayor Jim Cahill – who assists us in so many ways – to our police department and many other community organizations. We thank them all for being active partners in our school district and advocates for our young people.
    During these next two months, I encourage everyone to spend extra time with family and friends, see and learn some new things, read a few good books, and pause for some quiet reflection. I’ll be trying to do some of the same, while also planning for the resumption of school. This will be my fourth year in our district, and I’m confident our schools are heading in an exciting, positive direction.
    Once again, thank you for helping us achieve the many successes of the 2017-’18 school year. As a community of lead learners (which includes students, families, district staff, board members, community leaders, and New Brunswick residents), we will all continue working to ensure that New Brunswick Public Schools is the finest school district it can be, by preparingempowering, and inspiring lifelong learners and leaders

    Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson

    Superintendent of Schools