• Hello, my name is Mrs. Cartagena-Richardson

    I am the visual arts teacher at Lincoln School. During art class students get to learn about famous artists and experiment with different art materials!  
    Currently Kindergarten is learning about the artist Piet Mondrian, line, and color through printmaking. First grade is learning about the artist Claude Monet and are painting using different tools and techniques. Second grade are using color, line, and texture to create illustrations inspired by stories.  Third grade is learning about the artist Paul Cezzanne and using value and space to create a still-life of their own. 
    Resources -Zimmerli Art Museum - http://www.zimmerlimuseum.rutgers.edu/information/visitors#.XfpnkZNKgb0 - Admission is FREE!
    Kindergarten parents can sign onto  https://www.artsonia.com/parents/   to view student work!