• Welcome to Music Class

    Hi, I’m Mrs. Rosciszewski your child’s music teacher. I have been teaching at Lincoln School for 5 years but have over 17 years of experience. All students here at Lincoln participate in music class once a week.


    In Kindergarten we are learning how to use our singing voice. We sing a lot of songs and do different movement activates. In January we begin to play classroom instruments- the xylophones and drums- all while trying to keep a “beat”.

    In 1st grade we are continuing to grow our singing voice. We continue to play the drums and xylophones but rather than keeping the beat we are beginning to read rhythms and play these rhythms on our instruments. 

    By 2nd grade is when technology is infused into our music class. Students become stronger (music) readers through games on computers and IPads. Students will be creating pieces of music and sharing them with their classmates. Students will be listening to classical works and describing what they hear and how it makes them feel.  Don’t worry! We’ll still be singing when the time calls!

    In 3rd grade students begin the year using technology, then do a little singing but spend from January until June playing our favorite instrument- the recorder.  Students will play their recorder in the spring concert.

    All students will perform in two concerts throughout the year- A winter concert in December and a spring concert in May.