• The Physical Education team is made up of Mr. Shymanski and Mr. Van Es.

    My name is Mr. Shymanski or Mr. S as most of the students call me, and this is my 3rd year teaching PE at Lincoln School.

    My name is Mr. VanEs and I have been teaching at Lincoln School for 20 years!

    While in the Gym the students get to learn and participate in a wide range of sports and activities. Such as: Soccer, Basketball, Throwing and Catching, Dance, Fitness and many other skills. 


    Current Unit of Study

    Kindergarten , 1st and 2nd graders will be learning about cooperative learning. They will be playing games and doing activities to help them work as a team and learn how to work together. These activities give them both a mental and physical workout.

    3rd Graders will continue to work with the Dance Power instructors once a week and will start to learn their dance for their performance. They also will be taking part in physical fitness and cooperative learning throughout the month of January.



    Please click the link to watch a video on one of the cooperative activities we will be doing in class.