• September 4, 2019

    Dear New Brunswick Families,

    I would like to welcome our school community to the 2019-2020 school year! September is always full of excitement as students return to school to embark on learning experiences that will shape their future. Principals, teachers, nurses, counselors, food service staff, security and crossing guards, and the rest of the support staff are ready to welcome back all our students.

    During the summer break, we have worked diligently to ensure our curriculum will provide for both robust learning and teaching. It is our mission to prepare, empower and inspire students to become engaged in their own learning, their environment, and the world in which they live.

    In order to fulfill this mission, it is essential that our students attend school every day. Their presence will enable us to prepare them to think critically and develop the skills needed to solve complex problems and create opportunities for themselves and others. The entire community is committed to working together to provide a nurturing, educational environment that will enable each student to reach their individual potential and achieve their goals.

    We look forward to continuing our shared vision to Prepare, Empower and Inspire lifelong learners and leaders.


    Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson
    Superintendent of Schools