• The Bilingual Education Act  (N.J.S.A. 18A:35-15 and P.L. 1974, c.197) was enacted to ensure that students of limited English proficiency (LEP), are provided instruction in their native language in order to develop academic skills while acquiring English language skills.

    Goals of the Bilingual/ ESL Program

    • To provide instruction and support in the student’s mother tongue in all subjects and content areas in which a child is required to receive by law, rule, or regulation.
    • To instill self-assurance, confidence and cultural pride in students.
    • To facilitate the transition of students from the Bilingual/ESL Program to the General Education Program when they are ready as determined by multiple criteria and State Code.
    • To ensure that all English Language Learners make yearly progress toward English proficiency as measured by New Jersey State mandated ACCESS 2.0® Test.

    Bilingual Transitional Program

    Our Bilingual Transitional Program places a great emphasis on helping students develop the English language in order to help them transition to a monolingual classroom with ESL support when they reach level 4.

    Dual Language Bilingual Program

    The purpose of a Dual Language program is to promote language acquisition in two languages simultaneously. This program includes approximately equal numbers of ELLs and native-English speaking students and it is designed to help students achieve proficiency in English and in Spanish while mastering subject-matter skills. Students remain in this program for five years -from Pre-K to 4th Grade.

    Bilingual/ESL Testing & Placement Center

    All newly arrived students to the U.S.A. who speak a language other than English are tested for proper placement by the ESL and World Language Specialists at our Bilingual/ESL Testing and Placement Center. The following documents are required:

    • School Report Card & History (Access Test Report  if available)
    • Completed School Registration Form
    • Birth Certificate or Passport
    • Previous school documentation (Most recent Report Card and/or Transfer Card, Special Education Records, Transcripts, Etc
    All new students who come to the Bilingual/ESL Testing and Placement Center are assessed using the following criteria:
    • SUPERA Test - administered to Spanish speakers to determine academic proficiency in Mathematics, Reading and Language Arts for appropriate placement. 
    • WIDA SCREENER & W-APT Language Proficiency Tests – used to determine the level of English Proficiency of students whose first language is other than English. Students who do not reach the established standard are identified as English Language Learners (ELLs).