Instructional Technology Department

Instructional Technology
  • With the inclusion of technology in our fast-paced society, students are exposed to a variety of information, sources, online videos, social networking sites, etc.  It is our job as a community of parents and educators, to help keep students safe when online. This task can be accomplished by teaching the necessary information needed for students to make the correct and appropriate decisions when faced with certain online situations.  Key themes such as password protection, online safety, fact-checking, keyword searching, cyberbullying, digital etiquette, are just some of the topics that students need to be aware of, in order to thrive to become Great Digital Citizens.

    In New Brunswick Public Schools we believe technology, can be used to bridge a gap to help support our students enhance their learning in a personalized manner.  We are focused on providing our students with the necessary tools to enrich their learning through collaboration, exploration, problem-solving, analyzing data, and making connections to the world around them.  By providing students with opportunities to learn 21st-century skills, we give them the resources to prepare, empower, and inspire to become lifelong learners and leaders in our community.   

    Carla Segarra, Director of Digital Learning and Innovation

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