• May 10, 2019
    Dear School Community,
    As we approach the end of the school year, I remain more confident than ever that we are moving in the right directions.  I am most impressed with our educators – teachers, administrators, and parents -- who work to support the children and the district.  I hope you agree, we are most effective when we share mutual respect and celebrate our special role in teaching our children and moving our students forward.  This week is teacher appreciation week and we should all take this time to appreciate the work of our teachers. As I walk the halls and meet with our teachers, it is obvious they love to teach and put their heart and soul in each student; they never give up, they inspire our students, ignite their passions and empower them to become critical thinkers. Our school administrators are thankful for our teachers as well:
    New Brunswick Board of Education
    We want to personally thank the teachers for their dedication and commitment to educating all children.  We know that teaching can become quite challenging, but we know that we have the best teachers that will provide the optimal learning environment for our students to succeed.  Thank you, teachers, for everything you do to make the New Brunswick School District a better place every day of the year.
    Paul Robeson Community School Administration
    At Paul Robeson Community School for the Arts, we appreciate the efforts of all the staff members in our school as we work on a daily basis to integrate Arts into our students' academic experiences. Our teachers are open to new ideas and concepts as they identify strategies that provide rich experiences for all students. Our students are making connections between the Arts and their daily lives, we look forward to more exciting performances and displays of art as our theme school moves forward. PRCS Teachers, thanks for all you do! #PRCS rocks!
    New Brunswick Middle School Administration
    The administrative team at New Brunswick Middle School would like to express our deepest appreciation to our teachers and staff for their dedication, passion, and hard work, all of which makes a difference in the lives of students each and every day. We continue to see amazing growth in our students' academic, social and emotional learning. Thank you for everything you do!
    New Brunswick Health Sciences & Technology High School Administration
    The New Brunswick Health Sciences Technology High School is fortunate to have a group of individuals who approach their profession each day with pride and caring.  The teachers at HSTHS live Scott Hayden's quote each day. "Teachers have three loves: love of learning, lover of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together."
    Lincoln Annex School
    Administration at Lincoln Annex would like to express its utmost appreciation for all teachers throughout New Brunswick Public Schools.  It is their hard work and extreme dedication that truly makes the difference in our children’s lives.
    Lord Stirling Community School Administration
    Lord Stirling Community School would like to thank all of our teachers and staff for their dedication to the children of New Brunswick.  Their hard work, passion, and resilience on a daily basis are integral in preparing, empowering and inspiring children to become lifelong learners and leaders.  We recognize your efforts each and every day and wish to share our appreciation of you on this very special day!
    McKinley K-Center Administration
    Educating our youngest learners is one of the most influential works that can be done, and all of you do it well. Too often, your diligence goes unnoticed; however, your work is the most crucial part of our students' development. Moreover, I would like to emphatically express how valuable your work is to our students as their first educators outside of the home. You have the task of starting their journey to greatness. In the same way, the foundation you provide to our students is crucial to creating lifelong learners. Without a doubt, I appreciate and salute you for all that you do to make a difference in each and every one of our youngest learners. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
    New Brunswick High School Administration
    Thank you so much for the hard work and energy you put into teaching New Brunswick High School students. It is a pleasure working with staff whose efforts are focused on developing strong educational paths as well as guiding students with the development of their goals and careers.
    Roosevelt School Administration
    On behalf of Roosevelt School, we would like to thank all of the educators who inspire and ignite the passion for learning in all of our students daily.  Your hard work and dedication to our students is evident in all you do. Continue to encourage our students to reach their highest potential as you prepare them to be citizens of the world.  You play such a significant role in the lives of our students. You are making a difference every day!
    Livingston School Administration
    The educators at Livingston School care deeply about our students and work very hard each and every day. Whether its taking time to provide some encouraging words, or helping a student learn a new concept, our teachers make efforts to reach every single student. We are so grateful for all that they do in support of students and families. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
    Woodrow Wilson School Administration
    Congratulations to perhaps the most honorable profession known to man. You are responsible for shaping the lives of every past Nobel Peace Prize winners, doctor, lawyer, nurse and all of our past and present President’s. Yes you, that Kindergarten teacher who has the huge responsibility of taking a child from their parents care to the first portal into the world of education. To the middle school teacher who finally has that 6th-grade student, you watched grow over the years to finally be able to mold them for a better future. Just know that every child we educate has a memory chip dedicated to the appreciation of every teacher that touched their lives. This week is dedicated to you, the Teachers of America. Thank you for contributing to our future.
    McKinley Community School Administration
    This week we celebrate Teacher Appreciation. Although it is honorable that we set this time aside for you, the irony is that one day is not nearly enough to Thank You for all that you do every day!  As a teacher, you serve as a role model for students and inspire them to reach their potential. You are a dream maker, a cheerleader, a motivator. You plant the seeds of curiosity and through your kindness and encouragement, help our students grow.  You represent what is best in this world even though your value is not recognized as often as it should. You sacrifice your talents, time, and gifts for results that you may never see. Please know that words alone cannot articulate the gratitude we have for all you do. I hope this message reminds you of your WHY and lets you know that although we don’t acknowledge you every day, we know you are part of an elite group of people…You are a Teacher!!  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!
    New Brunswick Adult Learning Center
    The New Brunswick Adult Learning Center has a unique set of teachers who are fully committed to our school.  Our teachers come from diverse experiences, yet they share many of the same traits: desire, understanding, and caring.  Their desire for our students to succeed, their understanding of where our students have been and where they can go, and their caring nature help the students take steps to achieve their goals.
    Redshaw School
    Thank you for being extraordinary, diligent dedicated and absolutely inspiring educators. Please know that you are truly appreciated!  So, let’s commit to doing our very best, day after day, throughout the month of May and into the month of June. Together we will prepare, empower, and inspire lifelong learners and leaders.  
    Thank you and keep doing what best for kids!


    Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson

    Superintendent of Schools