• December 21, 2018 
    Dear School Community,
    With this year’s holiday break upon us, I encourage all of you to relax and enjoy the days off. If possible, try spending extra time with family and friends. Of course, a central theme of the holidays is giving to and doing for others, and I’m currently pondering how this relates to all of us, as a group of educators. From my perspective, we each should consider what else we might do to impact our students in a positive, long-term manner.

    Perhaps the discussion we had back in September, during our opening day meeting, provides insight. If you recall, we spoke then of closing the “relationship gap” with our students by letting them know we care, challenging them to grow, providing support, and sharing power. This will enable us to establish developmental relationships with our students, at the same time we’re countering negative influences and expanding what they’re capable of achieving.

    I don’t want to conclude this message without first noting how proud I am of all of you. You’re doing wonderfully impressive things in New Brunswick Public Schools, and I’m entirely confident that what lies ahead in 2019 will be even better. If you’re interested in a bit of light reading for the break, attached is an article that provides food for thought related to the relationship gap.

    Thank you very much for your efforts, and Happy Holidays!


    Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson

    Superintendent of Schools