• November 21, 2018 
    Dear School Community,
    Many celebrate Thanksgiving to be thankful for what we have, for the family we love, the friends we cherish and for what is to come in the near future. It is the ideal opportunity to reflect on our lives and give thanks for what we have. For my part, I am extremely appreciative of the good things that surround us, with emphasis on the hard work everyone throughout New Brunswick Public Schools has done. Faculty, staff, and administrators alike, you have made impressive strides in improving the lives of this city’s students. Your collective efforts make my job worth doing. During the holiday break, I would suggest we also ponder how the seemingly routine things we do each day can give others a reason for gratitude. Our actions have the power to brighten days and bring smiles to those around us, whether at school, in our communities, or in our own homes.  

    Again, I thank all of you for the many things you do to make our school district exceptional. I wish each of you the very best this Thanksgiving and hope you’ll have much to celebrate and enjoy.


    Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson

    Superintendent of Schools