• January 2, 2018

    Happy New Year 2018

    To ALL,

    I am hopeful that we will have a pleasant winter but this week’s freezing temperatures have not been very encouraging.  For many of us, getting back to our classrooms after more than a week away provides an excellent opportunity both to reflect on our challenges, accomplishments and to look ahead.   

    I strongly encourage everyone to revisit the plan you created at the beginning of the school year to help guide you toward achieving your goals. Are you on track, or are some adjustments in order? It is also a great opportunity to re-engage our students after the holiday break and to take appropriate action that will improve the quality of instruction that our students need.  

    Consider these four bullets:

    • Reinforcing expectations by getting back to routines and procedures that emulate best practices.
    • Practicing praise and positivity showing the value of student input by recognizing their ideas during group discussions and by making positive comments about their writing, thoughtful test responses and critical thinking approaches.
    • Aiming to inspire by focusing on classroom and individual student goals for this year which would redirect and guide their learning and character development
    • Professional learning: Whether you are new to our district, or have worked here for many years, I trust you are actively broadening your network of professional contacts that will stimulate professional learning by comparing experiences and ideas with colleagues that invariably lead to student success.


    Lastly, spring is just around the corner and there is a lot to accomplish. So, stay positive when challenges arise and invest your time wisely.  We are all happy to be back together again to move strong in the direction of great learning here at New Brunswick Public Schools.

    We aim to Prepare, Empower and Inspire lifelong learners and leaders.

    Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson

    Superintendent of Schools