• September 7, 2017

    Dear New Brunswick Families,

    It is with great excitement that I welcome you back for another school year.  Administrators, teachers and staff have been working together   to ensure that when our children return to school, all necessary educational resources are in place to support teaching and learning. We have been working diligently to advance our curriculum to make teaching and learning robust so that our students develop creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills to solve complex challenges.

    Our classrooms are vibrant hubs of learning that require students to be active learners who participate during class and collaborate with each other. We do not expect our students to simply listen and memorize.  Rather, we encourage them to develop their own voice through active, in-class engagement.  We want our children to  think critically and act independently, so they can take ownership of their personal and distinct learning paths.

    That said, parents can assist at home by constantly asking the following questions, “Why?,” “What if?,” “What could be done differently?” and “Do you have a plan?”  In addition, it’s essential that our children  attend school everyday.  Students are more likely to have better grades, when they attend school consistently.   As parents, we can better prepare them for a lifetime of success by making school attendance a priority, from  Kindergarten right up to 12th grade.

    New Brunswick is a vibrant, diverse, and thriving city, with citizens who truly care about the success of its young people. The entire community is committed to working together to provide a nurturing educational environment that can enable each student to reach their potential and achieve their goals.

    As you can see, we are  all working to provide a an optimal learning experience for our children.  We look forward to continuing our shared vision to Prepare, Empower and Inspire lifelong learners and leaders.


    Dr. Aubrey Johnson,

    Superintendent of Schools


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